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A forest hotel next to Eger, with ZEN Spa experience
There are few holiday sights in Hungary like this one...

.. where you will find a castle hotel, a wellness hotel, a forest hotel all together under the same roof and where the excursion sights of nature, the sights of the surroundings and the own wellness ZEN Spa and family programmes offer you such an opportunity to rest and to gain experiences.

Welcome to the town with the freshest air in Hungary, next to Eger: in Noszvaj, in Hotel**** Oxigén & ZEN Spa, a forest wellness hotel.

Here both you and your family will get some special experiences, as the hotel next to Eger is summoning the romantic world of of castles (like a small castel hotel), with a garden that has multifunctional adventure parc and with an interior that will remind you to the english country style with beautiful architectural solutions.

Hotel**** Oxigén and ZEN Spa Noszvaj

In the hotel you can select one from 50 rooms depending on your company: weher you arrive with your family, children or just your partner to have some rest after the busy weekdays. to make some excourtions to Eger, to the hills of Bükk or just to relay in the ZEN Spa wellness centre.

In the ZEN Spa wellness centre you will get an ezoteric, meditative wellness experience with the closeness of nature and the felling of the far-east.

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In Eger, Noszvaj, Bogács and Mezőkövesd
© Hotel**** Oxigén and ZEN Spa Noszvaj